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Welcome to Wiio’s Blog. This is your One-Stop-Shop to learning about the ecommerce space and how you can become a successful dropshipper.

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Wiio assists you source ANYTHING and deliver to EVERYWHERE. There are many dropshippers enjoying Wiio’s one-stop services: sourcing, purchase, quality check, warehousing, value-added services and fulfillment.

Wiio Application Instruction -4

Wiio order state1. UnquotingSelected the “order” column, click “Unquoted”, you will see all un-quoted orders. And if you have some products need to quote urgently,

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Wiio Application Instruction -3

4. Sync OrdersShopify store and WooCommerceSelected the “orders” column, click “Sync Order” and choose the Sync Time, the system will sync orders automatically, finally refreshing

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Wiio Application Instruction -1

How to use Wiio application?1. RegistrationOpen the link: https://app.wiio.io/ , fill your information, register your account. When you fill in the EMAIL ADDRESS, you need

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General Shipping Methods

There are many shipping methods such as DHL, FedEx, the express line, ePacket and China Post package. Let’s reveal these cross-border logistics channels of the

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About Shipping Restrictions

We have already introduced some basic knowledge of logistics channel. In this article, we will further introduce some limitations of the logistics channel, mainly focusing

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Wiio Package Tracking Number

A lot of customers will be confused about how to follow logistics information for the selected logistics channel. And what does the queried logistics information

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Shipping Partners of Wiio

In order to provide stable and quick shipping, Wiio established long-term partnerships with more than 30 domestic suppliers, including well-known DHL, FedEx, CNE, UBI, Yuntu,

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What Is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping? The principle of dropshipping is relatively simple, this about selling products to your customers without having the pressure of stocking products. You

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