Wiio Application Instruction -6

8. Settings 1) Basic InfoIf you want to modify your information, you can click “Settings”, and then click “Basic Info”. You can fill your “company name”, “contact”, “telephone” “zip code”, “address”. 2) Account SecurityIf you want to modify the Account Security, you can click “Settings”, and then click “Account Security”. After you finish the modify, …

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Wiio Application Instruction -4

Wiio order state1. UnquotingSelected the “order” column, click “Unquoted”, you will see all un-quoted orders. And if you have some products need to quote urgently, please click “Ask For Quote”. 2. QuotingAfter you click the “Ask For Quote”, selecting the “Quoting” column, you will see these orders in “Quoting”. 3. Quoted Selected the “Order” column, …

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Wiio Application Instruction -1

How to use Wiio application?1. RegistrationOpen the link: https://app.wiio.io/ , fill your information, register your account. When you fill in the EMAIL ADDRESS, you need to click “GET VERIFICATION CODE”, find the verification code in your email, and fill in the blank. If you can not find the verification code, please contact us.2. Sign in

What Is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping? The principle of dropshipping is relatively simple, this about selling products to your customers without having the pressure of stocking products. You might be thinking of finding a partner first, who can provide services such as source, purchase, package, fulfill, even after-sales services. This means you would never have physical products because …

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Wiio’s story

Wiio always on the way Wiio DropshippingWiio, The All-In-One dropshipping platform, be founded by Mr Zheng in Hangzhou, China. Wiio helps you source ANYTHING and deliver to EVERYWHERE. Est. 2015, numerous dropshippers are enjoying Wiio one-stop services: sourcing, purchasing, quality inspecting, warehousing, value-added services and fulfilment. There are no MOQ nor warehousing fees. We also …

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