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A lot of customers will be confused about how to follow logistics information for the selected logistics channel. And what does the queried logistics information mean? Here we will simply elaborate from the query website and the information meaning two aspects.

Logistics Query URL

The logistics status of each package can be reflected through the logistics query website. The logistics query website can be divided into the third-party logistics query website and the official website. 17 track is the most frequently used one as a third-party logistics query website. And the official website such as DHL Official website, UPS official website, YDH official website, SFC official website.

17 track official website:

17 track is a global logistics query platform, has supported the global more than 170 postal transport business, many famous international expresses, the mainstream cross-border electronic business logistics lines. After the original logistics information is displayed from official logistics websites to 17 track, the logistics information of 17 track can be synchronized with the official website, but the update of 17track is delayed compared to the official website.


i. Quickly identify and query the tracking number: you can determine the logistics provider and accurately query the logistics information based on the tracking number.

ii. Widely used, it can inquire more than 170 logistics companies’ logistics information

B. Official website:

The official website of the logistics provider, such as the official website of SF and the official website of DHL will update track information as soon as possible.


They can provide the most accurate first-hand logistics information. The official website of the logistics information is the logistics channel under the operation of the logistics providers of the latest status of the package, is the most accurate logistics.


The official websites have limitations. For example, the SF official website can only query the logistics status of SF related channels, and the DHL official website can only query the DHL logistics status, which is not conducive to promotion for sellers of multi-channel delivery, and it is not convenient for customers to use it generally.

Meanings of logistics information. Take ePacket as an example, as shown in the figure below:

Mark “1” represents the first time the logistics provider operates the package in China
Before mark “2”, it is the operation logistics information in China;

Mark “2” means that the logistics provider gave the acquisition to the airline, which then undertakes the parcel to the destination country or to the transit country after which the destination country is transferred;

Mark “3” to indicate arrival in a foreign country;

Mark “4” indicates that it is delivered.

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