Wiio Application Instruction -2

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3. Connect to Store
1) Shopify store
If you have a Shopify store, you can click ”Stores” and “Connect to store”, then fill your store name and click “connect store”, the last click “Install unlisted app”.

2) WooCommerce
If you have a WooCommerce store, you can click “Stores” and “Connect to WooCommerce”.

A.Login your WordPress Account
a) Copy your WooCommerce Site URL to Wiio.

b) Navigate the left sidebar of WooCommerce, then click Setting.

c) Click “Advanced”> “REST API” > “Add key”

d) Add the description for the Key. REMEMBER to change the permission of Read/Write and then click Generate API Key.

e) Copy the two keys to Wiio and complete the connection.

B.Connect on Wiio
Finish three blanks and click “Connect Store” on Wiio. Your WooCommerce Store is successfully connected.

3) Other platforms ( eBay etc)
If your orders are from other platforms, you can add a wiio store.

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10. Account management 1) AccountsIf you want someone to help you manage your store, you can click “Accounts” and click “Add User”.

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