Wiio Application Instruction -4

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Wiio order state
1. Unquoting
Selected the “order” column, click “Unquoted”, you will see all un-quoted orders. And if you have some products need to quote urgently, please click “Ask For Quote”.

2. Quoting
After you click the “Ask For Quote”, selecting the “Quoting” column, you will see these orders in “Quoting”.

3. Quoted

Selected the “Order” column, click “Quoted”, you will see all quoted orders and check the “Products Fee”.

After Wiio quoted, you need to click “Please Select”, here will appear “Available shipping methods”, then according to “Estimated Delivery Time” & “Shipping Cost”, you can select the shipping method by yourself.

4. Partially Quoted
Selected the “order” column, click “Partially Quoted”, you will see all orders that partially quoted. It has two situations, one of the product in the order is Out Of Stock or one of the product in the order has No Product Link.

5. Out of stock in wiio
Selected the “order” column, click “Out of stock in wiio”, the orders you will see is that the included products wiio cannot provide temporarily.

6. Pay
After selecting the shipping method, you will see the Products fee & Shipping fee & Total. When you pay, you can choose online payments by system balance. Recharge Balance in Wiio system, it’s supporting Payoneer, Paypal and Bank transfer. After you paid, we will process orders for you.

If the number of orders is large, you can click “batch pay” for batch payment.

7. Cancelled
If you don’t want Wiio to process your orders, please cancel the orders.
If there is only one product in the order, you can click “Cancel This Item” or “Cancel”.

If there is more than one product in the order, and you just don’t want Wiio to process one of the products, please click “Cancel This Item”. And if you don’t want Wiio to process all the products in the order, pls click “Cancel”.

If you want Wiio to help you process the orders again, you need to click “Order” at first. Second, click “Cancelled”. After that, you can see the order you have cancelled. Third, you can click “Reprocess”. After that, you will see the price of the order. (At this time the order will return to quoted or partially quoted.)
Finally, you can click “Pay” according to the total price.

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