Wiio Application Instruction -3

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4. Sync Orders
Shopify store and WooCommerce
Selected the “orders” column, click “Sync Order” and choose the Sync Time, the system will sync orders automatically, finally refreshing the page, you will see the synchronized orders.

Other platforms
A. Excel form file
When you have orders on other platforms, you can upload the orders via Excel form file, and then you can click “ Sync order ” on wiio.
1) Download Excel model

2) Fill in the Excel form file
① Accurate information.
② Complete information.
③The content in the red header must be filled in.

④ Customers who have purchased multiple products can be merged and shipped.
⑤ Use excels format, CSV is unavailable.
3) Upload an Excel file
Please click “Choose file” first, select the file, then click “submit”.

The orders will show up at the “Order” column. Then you can begin to process your orders.

B. Create a test order
Also, you can create a test order on wiio. You need to fill this information. After it, you can click “Save”.

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10. Account management 1) AccountsIf you want someone to help you manage your store, you can click “Accounts” and click “Add User”.

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