Wiio Application Instruction -5

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6. Recharge
If you want to know about your finance, you can click the icon at the top-right corner and then you will see the button “finance”.Here, you can see you account balance.

You have 4 ways to recharge on wiio.
A. Paypal

B. Payoneer & Bank transfer
If you use Payoneer and bank transfer, you can get the benefits. We suggest you to use these two methods to recharge. And if you bind your Payoneer account on wiio, you can pay your orders by using your balance.

C. Boleto
If you use the Boleto, you need to fill this information on wiio. Normally it will take 1 to 3 days to arrive.

7. Products
1) Wiio Products
If you are interested, please feel free to add. And Wiio will continue to update

If you want to check the shipping method and shipping time about your destination country, you can do it on wiio as follows.

2) Aliexpress Products
Import product by Aliexpress URL, Wiio will catch the product’s information automatically. Please note that the language of the Aliexpress link should be English.

3) My Products
If you added products from Wiio Products or Aliexpress Products, it will be at “Waiting Publish”, you can choose to publish or edit. If you “Published” products, it will show up in your Shopify store.
Please note that after you click “Edit”, you should edit the right attributes of the products and match the right product images for helping us process the order.

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Wiio Application Instruction -7

10. Account management 1) AccountsIf you want someone to help you manage your store, you can click “Accounts” and click “Add User”.

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