• 2 Qua 2022 2 anos ago.

A customer named Jessica once owned a pet dog, but the dog passed away due to aging. She specially invited a painter to draw a cartoon portrait for her dog and would like to make a product for commemorating her dog. When she brought up this matter with me, I recommended her a printed sweatshirt, printed a cartoon portrait of the dog, and in color the dog likes. This clothing is very casual with polyester material, size from M to XXL, suitable for most occasions, such as at home, working, outing.

When the design draft of the sweatshirt finish, Jessica feedback that she was satisfied with this product and would like to start selling this product immediately.
The sweatshirt with the dog is very popular with dog lovers of all ages. So Jessica’s orders for this sweatshirt reached 200-300 orders per day, making it her top-selling product. It is a unique product and active advertising that grow Jessica’s store traffic. The most significant thing is that she also used this sweatshirt to commemorate her pet dog.

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