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There are many shipping methods such as DHL, FedEx, the express line, ePacket and China Post package. Let’s reveal these cross-border logistics channels of the services they provide and the restrictions.

Taking China as the Origin Country as an example, cross-border logistics channels can divide into four categories: small package, large package, express delivery and express line.

  • Small packet:

    Small packet divided into a registered and normal one. Registered one takes less time of shipping, and all the progress can be tracked.
    The limit weight is 2kg with unilateral less than 60 cm, trilateral and no more than 90 cm, and which takes 15 to 60 days.
    For example, ePacket, weight limit 2 kg, volume: unilateral less than 60 cm, trilateral and no more than 90 cm, the national postal services have the United States, Britain, Germany and other 39 countries and regions.

  • Large packet:

    The weight range of large one is 0-30kg, the longest side can be 150CM, and the length of the three sides can reach 200CM. Countries of postal service: there is multiple or even global postal service, and the signing period is about 25-60 days.

  • Express delivery:

    The weight limit is usually 0-20kg, and the volume limit is usually no more than 300CM on one side. If the length exceeds the regulation, there is an extra fee would be charged. The time limit for signing: about 3-10 days.

  • Express line:

    An express line is a customized logistics channel, which with very competitive price and fast shipping time. The shipping progress can be tracked. The express line weight limit: 0-30kg; Volume: The restrictions are relatively strict. Generally, the United States has a unilateral limit of 60CM, and the United Kingdom has a unilateral limit of 65CM. Deliver within 5-15 days.

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