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After you got our quotation, you will decide to pay for your orders. There are two kinds of methods to recharge.
Online Recharge
At present, Wiio supports you pay by Wiio Card. Here we will introduce all available charging methods to you.
A. Paypal
Paypal is a global service that allows you to make payments based on your Paypal deposit, credit card, and bank account.
When you decide to use Paypal, you need to fill in the amount first and click ‘Submit’. Then choose the way you prefer to top-up your account.
But pay your attention, the minimum amount is $100 recharging by Paypal.

B. Payoneer
It’s the most recommended recharge method on Wiio.
If you didn’t bind your Payoneer via Wiio before, we will inform you to connect and guide you to bind first.

After connecting, you can recharge as much as you want without a minimum. Besides, Wiio provides up to a 3% bonus for your deposit. You can refer to the picture shown below for the phased recharge bonus.

C. Bank Transfer
Choosing a Bank Transfer can also recharge whatever amount you want. But Amount Recharging is the total amount actually received in our bank account.
Also, there is a bonus of up to 3% directly to your Wiio Card when you top-up. Same Referring to the picture above.
After finish that, upload the screenshot to us and once we confirm having received your payment, the amount will be recharged to your Wiio Card.

D. Boleto Bancario
This is a new method we prepared for our Brazilian customers. Meeting our customers’ demand, we integrate this to our platform without recharging the minimum.
In this way, you need to fill in all the information below, whether personal or enterprise, then you can recharge your Wiio Card by Boleto Bancario.
Normally, all the recharging methods mentioned above will be completed around 1-3 workdays, and the bank transfer may upon to 5 workdays. Once over 5 workdays, feel free to contact us and we are glad to assist you.
Offline Recharge
If you have an account in Alipay or Wechat and want to pay by these two methods, feel free to contact us and we can help you.
Above all, if you meet any problems, contact us on Intercom and we will help you as soon as possible.

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